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Travel medicine


No matter whether private or professional, international travel is on the increase. People do not only travel more, they also travel quicker and farther. Inexperienced travellers are often faced with health risks they are not really prepared for. During a personal consultation, we provide you with information on inoculations and prophylaxes as well as with the latest updates on medical threats in the country of your destination. We will also help you put together your personal medical kit taking into account your medical history. 
As it is often necessary to administer several inoculations at certain intervals, we advise you to make an appointment for an in-depth consultation six to eight weeks before the start of your trip. Please note: even though it is vital to get good medical travel advice, it is only partially covered by health insurance companies.

Dr Christoph Jeschke is listed as specialist in travel medicine with the Center for Travel Medicine.

Our services in travel medicine include

  • Travel medical advice taking into account the kind of travel (package tour or rucksack tourism), country of destination, latest health situation in the country of destination and personal risk factors
  • Individual plan for inoculations and prophylaxes taking into account past inoculations
  • Advise on travel medical kit
  • Yellow Fever inoculation (officially recognised Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre